Buy Workers' Compensation Insurance in Alaska

Who needs to be covered by the policy, where you can buy it and how much it will cost are all mandated or influenced by state law.

Your business must comply with the states where your employees perform work - not necessarily where the business was founded or is based. If your business operates in multiple states, or employees travel across state lines to work, you may need to modify your policy to guarantee coverage in the event of a claim.
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What to Know

You are required to carry workers' compensation insurance in Alaska if:
  • You have one or more employees working in Alaska. 
  • You’re going to work for someone else. Unless you’re an employee, you won’t be covered by their insurance policy and may need to provide proof of work comp. Are you an employee or an independent contractor? 10 ways to tell >> 
Other regulations that may affect you:
  • Workers' compensation insurance covers wage replacement and medical bills for employees injured on the job. To protect against other injuries at your place of business, you may need general liability insurance. Learn more about general liability >>

Where to Get It

  • Alaska has a private market, meaning that you can purchase workers' compensation insurance from any private insurance carrier or agency that is licensed to write in that state. WorkCompOne can write workers' compensation policies in any U.S. state except those that practice state-run workers' compensation (Ohio, Washington, North Dakota and Wyoming). Get started on a policy with WorkCompOne >>
  • If you’re still having trouble, you can contact Alaska's assigned risk pool, which will help you find coverage.

Factors That Impact Coverage

  • You are a sole proprietor or a partner: In Alaska, you are exempt from coverage but have to option to include yourself in coverage.
  • You are a corporate officer: For-profit corporate officers are included in Alaksa but can elect to be exempted; non-profit corporate officers are excluded but can elect to be included.
  • You are a member of an LLC: Alaska excludes you from coverage, but you have the option of being included. You are a contractor: If you are an independent and sub-contractor, your employer must insure you unless you already have your own workers' compensation. 
  •  You are a licensed commercial fisherman: If you are injured or become ill due to fishing-related activities on shore in Alaska or in Alaskan waters, you can receive funding for treatment and care from the state Fishermen's Fund.

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Other Tips

If you employ workers in multiple states or your employees are temporarily working out-of-state, you need to purchase insurance for all the states where your workers are located, according to each state’s laws.

The nature of your business, number of employees being covered and past coverage and claims are all factors in how much your premium will cost. Learn more about workers' comp insurance rates >>

Here's What You Need to Get Started

To buy workers compensation insurance, you need to request a quote from a licensed insurance agent and provide some details about your business.

Here’s what to have in front of you:

  • Number of employees in each class code.
  • Total payroll for all employees. You may be able to exclude yourself if you don't wish to be covered under the policy. 
  • Federal ID Number. If you are a sole proprietor, you can use your Social Security Number.
  • Copy of your workers' comp insurance policy, if you've had coverage or claims in the past few years. If you know your company's experience mod, please have your experience mod rating sheet or policy in front of you. Otherwise, you will be assigned a default rating of 1.0.

The information on this page has been interpreted and summarized for your convenience. Please consult your state's governing authority for the most current and complete legislation.