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How to Look Up Classification Codes for Workers’ Compensation Fast

Trying to look up workers’ compensation rates by classification code?

With hundreds of different...

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8 Tips for Buying Work Comp Insurance [2022 Update]

If you have employees, you probably need a workers’ compensation policy. Nearly one in five small...

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How Much Do Employers Pay for Workers' Comp?

Employers must pay workers' compensation insurance expenses out of their own pockets — these costs...

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Is That Work Comp Claim Legit? 5 Ways to Tell — & How to Spot a Fraudulent Claim

Work-related injury or illness can come as a shock to businesses of all sizes. When an employee is...

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What Illinois Small Businesses Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Illinois is one of the most strict U.S. states in its enforcement of workers’ compensation law.


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