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Workers' Compensation If You Have 5 Employees or Less, Explained

You wear many hats as a small business owner. From sales to marketing, from finances to payroll,...

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Michigan, Explained for Busy Small Business Owners

Since 1912, when Michigan adopted the Workers' Disability Compensation Act, most employers in the...

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Coronavirus and Workers’ Compensation: What Employers Need to Know

From the WorkCompOne team to yours: Our hearts go out to all those impacted by COVID-19, including...

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4 Workers’ Compensation Headlines Louisiana Employers Don’t Want to Miss

Workers’ compensation is regulated at the state level, so it’s critical for employers to stay...

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12 Ways to Save Money on Small Business Insurance

Finding ways to efficiently run your small business while managing operational costs is enough of a...

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4 Tips for Smart Small Business Insurance Shopping

Running your own business includes a host of responsibilities — You’re the HR generalist, the...