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Small Business Workers’ Compensation

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Small Business Insurance Resources

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12 Ways to Save Money on Small Business Insurance

How much does the average small business spend on insurance? The answer is, it depends.


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4 Tips for Smart Small Business Insurance Shopping

Running your own business includes a host of responsibilities — You’re the HR generalist, the...

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Insurance Policies Small Businesses Need

Small business insurance policies function just like your personal insurance: A business can...

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Insurance Requirements for Part-Time Employees

Hiring employees undoubtedly comes with responsibilities, but what if they’re only part-time?...

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Small Business Workers’ Compensation: An Introduction for First-Time Employers

Your business is growing, so you hire to handle the increasing workload. What you don’t anticipate...

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What Are the Workers' Compensation Laws in My State?

Workers’ compensation is regulated at the state level. If you have full- or part-time employees,...